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The Surf Again Successfully Program (SAS) is a unique 3-month program dedicated to rapidly improve your surfing ability in an intense, social and fun environment. The program employs a structured grading system developed in conjunction with Primitive Surf and Australia’s leading surf coaches’ fromTropic Surf. The SAS grading system enables us to assess and document the constant development of your surfing. Each SAS program is limited to a maximum of four participants to maximize exclusivity and personal focus between you and the coaches. Common feedback from previous SAS graduates praises the ability of the SAS program to help individuals meet their personal goals whether it be surfing backhand, surfing confidently with friends and family, or competently surfing reef breaks.

Each SAS program contains five surf sessions, which includes transport to and from the best surf spot, lunch and coffees. Accompanying you on each session is a surf coach from Tropic Surf, whom will be on hand and in the water analyzing and providing constant feedback to ensure that you benefit from each session. Primitive Surf owner/shaper Craig Rees will also be joining each session and analyzing and recommending the appropriate surfboard shape and dimension which suits your ability and body weight and at the conclusion of your SAS program will hand shape you a custom board to suit your improved level of surfing. Each session will be filmed, photographed, and then the footage and photos will be utilized within the video review sessions.

The video review sessions take place at Primitive Surf and are a relaxed yet interactive evening where the footage from the weekends session is played on the big screen and the surf coaches will analyze each wave and offer detailed advice and technical feedback in regards to taking your surfing to the next level. Questions and discussion over the footage are enjoyed accompanied with beers and pizza.

The SAS program also entails numerous other activities including Stand Up Paddleboard clinics, breath control classes and surf fitness exercises.

Each SAS member also receives a clothing pack, which includes t-shirt, hat, boardies and rashie. They also receive free access to any of Primitive Surf’s range of test boards during and after the program.

The SAS program will provide you with the tools you require to further improve your surfing which you will realize 3, 6 and even 12 months down the track. You will also meet a great group of people, keen to surf with you into the future.

Finally you will also be eligible for exclusive SAS surf trips overseas.

Total package cost = $2700 (This is a small investment guaranteed to take your surfing to the next level and get the right equipment under your feet!)

Single Day Corporate Packages also available.


For all enquiries please contact Craig on Phone: 07 3266 1001 or email craig@primitivesurf.com

ENQUIRIES | Phone: 07 3266 1001