5 Strength Training Myths Stopping Women From Lifting

Myth #1: Resistance training takes too much time.

If you want results, you must work out most days of the week for at least 45-60 minutes, or so the naysayers say. It’s no wonder many women abandon a strength training workout regimen after a few weeks because going to the gym on a near daily basis isn’t practical for most women. Heck, even the most seasoned athletes have rest days.

Whether you want to get stronger, lose some fat, sculpt some muscle, or just improve your overall health, you can accomplish those goals with 2-4 strength training workouts each week. In fact, if you strength train three days per week for approximately 30-40 minutes per session, you’ll be able to sculpt the body that you want.

An average of three strength training workouts per week is much more practical than many popular workout programs. As a result, people can easily maintain this schedule long-term. And when it comes to achieving and maintaining results, it’s critical to have a long-term perspective.

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