5 Strength Training Myths Stopping Women From Lifting

Myth #3: Strength training isn’t safe.



There’s no shortage of YouTube videos displaying crazy gym accidents. Furthermore, you’ve probably heard horror stories from friends who strength train. It’s usually a shoulder, knee, or even worse, the back, that gets injured. It’s no wonder people think strength training isn’t safe!

But think about all those accidents and how they’ve occurred – it’s usually someone who had just bought a gym membership and is hubris enough to just start lifting weights, even without any prior knowledge or experience. If someone didn’t know how to swim they wouldn’t purchase a membership to a pool and then jump straight into the deep end and plan to figure it out on their own. Strength training shouldn’t be any different.

If you learn proper exercise form, techniques and follow a smart program, strength training is very safe. However, if you’re using incorrect form or performing exercises that just don’t suit you, then, yes, you risk injury.

If you’re a strength training beginner, do yourself a huge favor and do things correctly from the start. Choose the best exercises, learn proper form, focus on getting stronger with the basic exercises, and follow a smart program. Not only will you be able to strength train safely, but you’ll get better results in less time.

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