5 Strength Training Myths Stopping Women From Lifting

Improve your performance everyday is what really matters. Each time you repeat a strength training session, improve your performance by doing a little better each time. Here are some easy ways to do so:

  • Use more weight. This is especially important for beginners – you should focus on getting stronger and add weight to an exercise whenever possible. For example, if you used 65 pounds for squats last week, use 70 pounds this week.
  • Perform more reps. You can’t always add more weight to the bar, especially as you become more experienced. Let’s use the same example from above and say you squatted 65 pounds for six reps last week. This time use 65 pounds again but perform more reps; perhaps seven or eight.
  • Increase the volume. You need to be careful with this one because it’s easy to fall into the “more must be better” mindset, which we’ll discuss momentarily. For example, if you squatted 65 pounds for four sets of six reps last week, you could add another set the following workout (five sets of six reps).
  • Improve workout density. You can improve workout density by performing the same amount of work in less time (if it took 40 minutes to complete the workout the first time, strive to complete it in 39 minutes or less) or performing more work in the same period of time (if you completed the workout in 40 minutes and performed a total of 12 work sets, perform 13 or more work sets in that same period).

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