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11 Solutions for Common Weight Loss Challenges

1. Nothing is working.

You’ve tried it all. You improved your eating habits and you exercise regularly. The only thing that won’t cooperate is your scale. You are stuck in a weight loss plateau and you aren’t convinced the scale will ever descend again.  If you are tired of seeing the same three numbers on the scale, try this:

SOLUTION: If what you are doing isn’t working, change what you are doing. Okay, I know that’s Captain Obvious, but sometimes a reminder is helpful. Change your workout. Change the type, intensity and duration. If all you are doing is cardio, add some strength training. Add more movement to your day on top of regular exercise. Stand more. Move more. Walk more steps. Remember that you can’t just exercise your way to your ideal weight, you have to marry it with healthy eating. Move away from fast food, processed food and eat clean. And watch those portions. Portion control is so important.

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