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11 Solutions for Common Weight Loss Challenges

4. I have an injury that prevents me from doing certain kinds of exercise.

Lots of people have knee problems and back problems and other issues that can prevent them from doing certain exercises, like the jumping found with plyometric exercises or the pounding from running. But there are so many ways to still get movement into your day.

SOLUTION:  First, check with your doctor for approved exercises. Your injury type will determine what you can or can’t do, but walking is often an exercise that most people can still do. Many people with knee problems can benefit from a stationary bike and I love doing yoga and plank exercises to help with my back issues. Just remember there’s always a workaround so don’t give up on exercise because you have an injury.

5. I can’t afford a gym membership right now.

Not all gyms are inexpensive and I totally get that, but this is the age of all things digital and workouts are free at your fingertips. You just have to know where to look.

SOLUTION: If the gym near you seems like the cost of a country club membership, remember that you can get workouts for free from me! Yep, check out my Exercise Library here. Lots of moves you can do without even leaving the house. Plus, I create mini workouts too that I share weekly. You can access those workouts here. If you’d like longer workouts without the monthly membership dues, check out my DVDs.  Also – be aware of fitness chains like Snap Fitness and Planet Fitness that offer bare bones pricing.

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