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11 Solutions for Common Weight Loss Challenges

6. I overeat at parties.

When people tell me they overeat at parties because of the tempting parade of food before their very eyes, I ask them what they ate before the party. Most often, people go on a mini starvation diet prior leading up to the party thinking they are saving calories for later. That’s probably the worst thing you can do because you are going to a party with a ravenous stomach. Do this instead …

SOLUTION: Eat a protein snack before the party. Going to a party hungry scrambles your good judgment. If you have a handful of nuts before a party, your appetite will be satiated to the point where you can make smart choices about sampling your favorites and not devouring two platefuls of party foods.

7. I feel pressured to eat from my family.

Whether it’s your mom, your grandmother or the favorite baker in your family, there’s always someone who is trying to show their love by feeding you. It’s sweet, but it can be difficult to navigate politely if you are trying to control how much you eat.

SOLUTION: If you are gifted with sweet treats, share the love with other family members and friends. If you are at a dinner party and you don’t want seconds, just be kind and direct. Try a “Oh, it was so good and I’m so full, I just couldn’t have another bite.” Try and remember most people have good intentions and are only trying to make you happy with food. They aren’t trying to sabotage your weight. If you do think someone is trying to interfere with all of your hard work, read my article about food pushers.

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