5 Exercises to Slim Your Legs

5. Leg Abductors/Adductors

The inner and outer of the thigh isn’t targeted very well in the heavier movements. You need an isolated exercise for these areas, and the abductor and adductor machines are the best bet. These allow you to focus on the smaller muscles, which play a role in the overall strength of the muscles in your upper leg. For overall strength and superior muscle definition, these two movements should definitely make it into your leg slimming workout.

In Short: Can I Really “Slim” My Legs?

There is no one exercise that will slim your legs. There is no way your body will slim down just your lower half, either. This is a part of a weight loss journey and your diet and training must mimic that. You need a caloric deficit without any nutritional deficiencies.

Focus on a 300-500 caloric deficit from maintenance levels and make sure protein levels are kept to at least one gram per pound of body weight. This will ensure proper results; throwing the five exercises mentioned here into your training regimen will further your chances of slimmer, more defined legs!




    1. Hi Lily, How long have you been doing it? If you just started then i will suggest you to continue doing the exercises properly for atleast 4 weeks. It will take some time but you will get the desired results!

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