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5 Ways to Make Yourself a Morning Workout Person

You’ve tried to become one of those morning workout people (gotta love ’em!), but when that dreaded alarm goes off, your body is all, ‘No. Just no.’ And by the time your mind remembers that you totally wouldn’t hate running a marathon or rocking a crazy pack of abs, you’ve already hit snooze four too many times to get to the gym for the intense morning sweat session that you penciled into your schedule the day before.

5 Ways to Make Yourself a Morning Workout Person

Jordan Metzl, M.D., a sports medicine physician at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery, gets how hard it is to wake up to work out. “It’s a tough habit to get into,” he says. That said: “I’m a huge believer in morning workouts because it starts your metabolic furnace and ensures you’ll actually get that workout in,” says Metzl (who’s run 31 marathons and completed 11 Ironman triathlons).

So what’s the solution? “Employing trickster strategies now can develop sustainable morning workout habits,” he says. Basically, you’ve got to get clever and fake it until you make it. Here’s how:


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