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The Fastest Workouts For Flat ABS

Accept it or not! Every woman wishes to have a tummy that’s flat, feminine, toned and taut? Don’t u agree? Struggled a lot to get results? If you have always fallen short of your dream of having a flat toned sexy tummy… And if you are thinking, “It is a hard task” then.


Don’t beat yourself up for another minute…Read on to know right way of work out.

Most of us believe that crunches are the best option. But, that’s not true. Crunching isn’t the best abs workout. They tone only the front and sides muscle of the stomach. It doesn’t tone all the muscles for perfect abs with hips, lower back, and upper thighs.

Some core stabilization exercises such as plank help to lose belly fat make toned abs, train muscles, balance spine and pelvis. This is also effective to reduce back pain and improve posture. It is useful to burn calories even more than crunches, as they include more muscles work.

These exercises stimulate your metabolism and thus, help to burn the hiding fat in the abs. start slowly in an easy pace without maximum-intensity effort. Always start with an easy 5- to 10 minute warm-up exercise and cool down yourself.  For this, you can try running, cycling or cardio as per the preference.


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