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8 Fitness Myths We Need To Stop Listening To

3. You Should Stretch Before Exercising.

This is some true and has merits. And EVERYONE has an opinion on it. This is the gluten of fitness facts. What further confuses the issue is that many people don’t realize the difference between static and dynamic stretching.

Research does indicate that static stretching, like a hamstring stretch, where you stand still and hold the position does temporarily decrease power output slightly for a period of time immediately following a hold. But, this can be alleviated by following up with a dynamic warm-up.

Dynamic stretching — a moving stretch that keeps the body part in motion — helps activate muscles, improve range of motion and balance/coordination, and increase overall strength and performance.

Furthermore, not everyone needs to stretch everything willy-nilly. It’s more important to stretch what actually needs to be stretched. For most of us who sit long hours at a desk, that’s the chest, thoracic spine, and hips. Be sure to do a short mobility session to prep the body for whatever you have planned for your workout that day.

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