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8 Fitness Myths We Need To Stop Listening To

5. Walking is Enough Exercise vs. You need to do more than just Walk.

There are two school of thoughts for this one. First, consider that not everyone has the same fitness routine or goals. If you’ve never exercised before, then simply walking the dog for 45 minutes after dinner every night can make an impact. Walking is a highly underrated low-level form of cardio. It’s also a fantastic entry point to exercise.

If you have a daily running regime, walking is still great, but it’s not going to vastly overhaul your physical fitness. Though, it can be a great option for days of light, active recovery.

Second, it’s important to recognize that not all walking is created equal. As with most exercise, it depends on the intensity and duration of the activity. Even if you’re a walk-the-dogger, walking can be great exercise. But, think about kicking up the pace and adding an incline.

And, remember, variety is still key. Walking is great as part of your routine – it should not be the entirety of your routine.

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