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8 Fitness Myths We Need To Stop Listening To

7. I Don’t Want To Lift Because It’ll Make Me Bulky.

Oh-so-false, and a myth that sends many women running from the weight room. But, here’s the real deal – for a woman to build what most would consider a bulky physique, she would need to consistently follow a high-intensity, high-volume, resistance-training routine — and support those efforts with calories in excess of what it takes to maintain her body weight.

Even for men, this can be a challenge, and most women just don’t have the hormonal profile needed to generate this effect very easily. What often trips us up is the fact that building muscle doesn’t always correlate with an equal and simultaneous body fat loss. Not everyone goes to the gym to lose weight, but not everyone wants to look bigger, either.

When you begin an exercise program, you may feel like you are bulking up — but, stick with it. Your body’s metabolic functions are not always as fast as we’d like them to be, so there tends to be a lag time.

What may look bulky at first is likely just a step toward leaner, stronger muscles in the long run – you have to believe in this one thing, if not anything else.

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