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8 Fitness Myths We Need To Stop Listening To

8. I Need To Do A Thousand Crunches For Toned Abs.

Sorry. Not that there’s anything wrong with crunches. They’re just not the be-all and end-all secret to ab strength. Remember, it’s not all about that one patch of your midsection. You want to pay attention to your whole trunk.

As far as core exercises go, crunches are great, as are rotational exercises, anti-rotation exercises, and stabilization drills.

It’s also easy to slack on proper form with crunches, and people often wind up straining hip flexors and neck muscles, doing more harm than good. It’s best to use planks for core strength – planking has been the most effective move for a lot of women in strengthening this area – And it’s also a lot less easy to cheat.

That said, your core can be immensely strong, but that doesn’t mean the musculature is going to be visible. Many trainers note that the belly area where body fat is really the crucial factor. So, if you want to flash a six-pack, you need to take this into account. The saying “Abs are made 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen” has truths to it – a proper diet coupled with core exercises will ensure your abs pop out in no time.

But, it’s vital to remember that just because you can’t see your ab muscles, that doesn’t mean you’re not working them. Either way, a stronger core will have a huge impact on your physical ability and presentation, overall.

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