How to tape your Breasts for a backless outfit

To lift and reduce movement when you can’t wear a bra

Taping your breasts is a way to lift, support and reduce movement when you wear something that you can’t wear a bra with. It’s a solution for not feeling able to go braless that has been around for a long time. In recent years there have been a lot of adhesive no-bra solutions that have come on the market, you may find you get better results with these. There are stick-on bras or specially shaped breast lift tape, you can do a DIY taping version of that too.

Firstly, it is tricky to get a good result with taping, you should practice first as it can take a few goes before you get the hang of it. If you are doing this for an outfit for a special occasion then definitely test it out before the day to make sure it works.

How you tape your breasts will depend on what you are wearing, if it is something really low cut (goes below your breasts) you will need to have the breasts taped separately. To create lift hold your breasts up as you tape, leaning forward can help too. Start with the tape low on the breast and pull upwards to create lift. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Mimic breast-lift tape: cut pieces to the shape of breast lift tape and apply like they are. See here for a video of a woman using it (note: you have to sign in to watch the video, it’s age restricted as it shows bare breasts).
  2. Apply strips of tape, creating a shape similar to a bra. The edges of the pieces can finish at your side so this is good for if you are wearing something backless.
  3. You don’t have to use only tape, taping on contoured bra cups might give you a smoother and better result than using tape alone. To get the cups you can cut up an old bra you no longer want or you can buy shaped foam cups in sewing stores.

WARNING: Don’t put the tape the whole way around you as it can restrict your breathing or injure you if too tight.

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