How to tape your Breasts for a backless outfit

Taping to flatten your chest

This is basically strapping or binding your chest. Dancers sometimes do this to make sure there isn’t movement when they are performing (see first method below). It is also used by women who want to flatten their chests to pass as a man, either a one-off for a costume or it is used regularly by some transgender men who want to avoid getting surgery.

WARNING: Don’t put the tape the whole way around you as it can restrict your breathing or injure you if too tight. Even when using smaller sections of tape make sure you can comfortably breathe.

Two methods:

  1. Use strips across your chest to compress your breasts (see image below). Make sure you hold them apart when taping to prevent them looking like one boob in the middle.
  2. Use strips to pull each breast to the side. Watch this Drag Series video tutorial for a demonstration. Note: this is quite extreme so it’s not recommended to do this too often or leave on for long periods of time (this is mentioned in the video as well).

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