We Heard You Wanted A Workout To Fight The Muffin Top

Whether you call them your love handles or muffin tops, there’s nothing lovey or yummy about them! Who gave them that nickname, anyway? So what can you do to get rid of your “love handles”? Well first, as the saying goes abs are made in the kitchen, so eating a balanced, whole food, nutrient-dense diet is key to a flat tummy. Secondly, we must strengthen and tighten our oblique muscles. Watch the workout video above or complete the separate eight exercises below. They are fabulous compound moves that benefit a lot of trouble areas, but they pay special attention to your core. Get ready to whittle your middle with these mommy-approved moves!

1. Kettlebell Windmill: Grab a kettlebell with one hand and raise it straight over your shoulder. Stand with your feet a little wider than the hips and let your other arm rest at your side. Look up at the kettlebell and let your resting arm glide down your leg. Your hips will push out to the opposite side, but your legs remain straight. Go only as low as you can with straight legs. Read more about this move in our fitness index!

2. Side Plank Hip Dips: Start in a side plank position with your elbow touching the ground. Drop your hips toward the floor, squeezing your obliques as you bring them back up. Repeat 15 times per side. Read more about plank hip dips here!

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