Reduce Armpit Fat In 5 Super Effective Steps

Armpit fat looks really unattractive! It’s the truth; let’s just keep all the “body shaming” issue aside and accept it. If you are not very comfortable wearing a shoulderless or strappy dress, one of the major reason is armpit fat. You have a simple solution to deal with this – just reduce armpit fat!
I am sure you have tried doing this before, but it did not give the desired result. The reason is, you are trying the wrong process. You just cannot lose any fat by exercise if you are not supporting it with proper diet.
Workout To Reduce Armpit Fat Fast
The workout that helps get rid of armpit fat.
How To Reduce Armpit Fat
Here you will learn the ways with which you can reduce armpit fat:
1. Motivate Yourself
Get a sleeveless dress in front of you and hang it. This will help you have more willpower, as well as you can keep a regular track of how much fat you have reduced.
2. Diet
It is important for you to maintain a healthy balanced diet which has no carbohydrates or very less carbohydrates. The simple reason is that the extra fat stored in your body is nothing but carbs, which is already there in excess. So, use up all the carbs first and then only you can reduce your weight.
Similarly, to reduce armpit fat, you have to follow a proper balanced diet, which should be high in protein (65%), medium in fat (30%), and really low in glucose and carbs.
The best way to maintain this diet is by following the boiled egg diet!
3. Drink Water
Water helps to flush out all the toxins that are slowing your metabolism. By drinking at least 2-3 liters of water daily, you will be able to lower the toxin level and get slimmer armpit.
4. Exercise
If you want to reduce armpit fat, then you have to work your way to it. Like, no one can earn money just by lying down or sitting; similarly, you will also not reduce armpit fat just by sitting and dieting. Here are three exercises that will help you to reach your goal:
Push Ups
It is a great start. Not only as a warm up workout; also reduces all the unwanted fat in your arms, back, chest and armpit. In case you find it difficult in the beginning, then do knee push ups which are easier. Start with 10 as one set and repeat it 10 times. Once you are more comfortable, increase the number of the reps.
Chest Press
You will need weights for this workout. Lie flat on your back on a bench; get two dumbbells and lift them straight up towards the ceiling, keeping your hands inline with the chest and slowly bring them down. Repeat this 12 times as one set and try to do at least 3 sets. This will be chest press.
Jumping Jacks
This is more of a cardio exercise which includes hand and leg coordinated movements. It will speed up the process of reducing fat from your armpit considerably. Do it for one minute then repeat at least 3 times.
5. Things To Avoid
There are few things that you must avoid, no matter what. Otherwise, there is a very low chance of progress.
Too much salt or sugar;
Junk food;
Carbonated drinks.
If you follow all these tips seriously, then you will see some amazing results in just a couple of weeks. So, start burning the extras and reduce armpit fat gloriously!

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