Awesome Ways to Stay Fit in the Comfort of Your Own Home

The daily grind can be grueling. We work extended hours and are expected to do more with less time. We adapt to the stress, lack of sleep, and skipped workouts, but this behavior paves the way for some unhealthy trends and habits when it comes to lifestyle.

Every day, more people are succumbing to lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity. Most people think that conditions like these disappear by taking medicine. The truth is that individuals can avoid diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc., if they live an active and healthy lifestyle.

For people on the go, these habits are a reality, and some lose hope. Although it may sound bleak and irreversible, there are ways for individuals to stay healthy, even if their schedules won’t allow them to hit the gym. Here are some exercises that a person can do in the comfort of their homes.

Make Your Home Your Gym

Synergizing with the Stairs

A lot of people may not notice it, but the stairs are a good place to exercise. Just by walking up and down them for a few minutes can provide a good cardio boost. A good routine would be to run up and down for few minutes each day, then gradually increase the speed and duration of the exercise.

This is a good way to burn some calories while strengthening the calves and the legs.

Working out with Chairs

Using a chair for exercise is always a good trick for people who want a whole body workout. There are lots of easy routines to do while working with a chair. An example would be chair pushups. These work your chest and arms like regular pushups, but doing it with a chair is simple and easy.

Beds are for Exercise too

Another useful piece of exercise equipment is your bed — and no, we’re not talking about that other kind of workout! Lie back on your bed so that your legs hang off the edge. Try raising your legs into the air while using your arms and core to brace yourself. Elevate your legs as high as you can. These are called leg lifts and provides an excellent workout for your core and abs.

Winning with the Wall

A wall sit is another excellent way to exercise your body at home. With your back to the wall, bend your knees, so you drop to a similar position like a squat. You’ll start to feel pressure in your legs up to your core. Try to hold it for few minutes with your back still lying flat on the wall, and don’t forget to squeeze your glutes!

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