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  1. Unexplained fatigue

Consult your doctor if you have gotten proper rest but you still feel tired. You should be very careful since this is also one of the symptoms that indicate cancer.

  1. Heavy menstrual flow or unexplained bleeding between menstrual periods

Endometrial cancer and uterine cancer are associated with symptoms such as heavy bleeding during your monthly menstrual period and bleeding between your menstrual periods. If you experience some of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

  1. Mouth changes

Immediately consult a doctor if you experience changes in your mouth because this could be a symptom of oral cancer. By changes we mean appearance of white spots on the inside of your mouth or even on the inside of your lips.

  1. Severe back pain

Bone, breast, brain and even lung cancer are associated with experiencing a severe pain in your back. If you do a proper treatment but your back pain does not go away, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Depression caused by a severe abdominal pain

The pancreatic cancer is associated with a severe abdominal pain that leads to depression. If you have this problem, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Color change in your fingernails

Lung cancer is often accompanied by a color change in the fingernails. You may experience the following color changes:

  • Brown or black dot or streak
  • Pale red or white
  1. Frequent fever or infections

Immediately consult your doctor if you frequently have a fever or infection. You should do that because leukemia can cause your body to have very high temperature.

  1. Unexplained weight loss

A defective thyroid gland can cause unexplained weight loss. However, you will have to consult a doctor if you experience unexplained weight loss because this could also be a symptom of lung, pancreatic or stomach cancer.

  1. Foul smelling vaginal discharge

Cervical cancer is often accompanied by experiencing a vaginal discharge that smells very awful.  This foul smelling vaginal discharge usually comes up between your menstrual periods and may be accompanied by bleeding. Take care of yourself and consult your doctor

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