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It has no wrinkles despite being 45 years old and only uses 2 ingredients to look so beautiful

Today there are hundreds of methods or products sold in the market to eliminate wrinkles on the skin, but none like the homemade mask revealed by this beautiful and famous actress. The preparation of this mask is very easy, you only need to gather the necessary ingredients and you do not have to invest in extra ingredients at the time of preparation.

If you want to have a face free of wrinkles do not hesitate to prepare the same homemade mask, which is made from 2 ingredients and in a few days you will be surprised to see the results.

This woman has no wrinkles and looks beautiful thanks to these recipes

How to Beautify the Skin Beautify the Skin
According to this beautiful woman, the most important thing about healthy and radiant skin is hydration. She says: “Hydration, hydration, hydration! You should always wash your face before going to bed. ”

But the main tip of it is the homemade mask that prepares which contains the following ingredients:

-Media cup of yogurt, to moisturize

-2 tablespoons lemon juice, to exfoliate.

How to prepare and use this recipe is simple, just mix the ingredients and apply them on the face. Then let it act for half an hour and then you have to wash your face. This is the actress’s favorite mask to keep your skin healthy, young and hydrated.

You can also use these 2 ingredients to prepare another mask, which will help to lighten the skin. Then we will teach you how to prepare it.

Lemon mask and yogurt to lighten the skin
You have to mix 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt. Natural yogurt is the one that comes with no fruity flavor. You have to mix it with half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Be sure to use the whole regular yogurt, not the one that comes without fat or low fat.

You have to apply the mask on your face and you have to leave it to act for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water. You should not expose yourself to the sun until one hour has passed after applying this mask, as the skin will be sensitive. For best results do it at night and repeat use once a week.

Face Mask Hairy
and glossy hair is probably the most noticeable part of this actress’s face. It is because of her beautiful hair that this actress can play with different hair styles every time she appears on the red carpet. When asked about her secret, she mentioned that it is thanks to natural ingredients.

These are the benefits of the hair yogurt mask – It
makes the hair smoother and brighter –
Promotes growth and prevents hair
loss – Acts as a mild cleanser

Helps remove dandruff – Smoothes hair to comb Knots and entanglements more effectively –
Helps eliminate frizz, which is frizz or sponge or feel static electricity in the hair

Preparation mode

The yogurt mask is extremely simple.First Open the refrigerator, pick up a natural yogurt and take it to the shower

Apply the yogurt on your wet hair like a mask, and give your scalp a good massage. Let it act for about 15 -20 minutes, and then wash your hair as usual with your usual shampoo.

It uses a yogurt that is natural, without sugar or sweeteners, and that is not pasteurized of those that do not need cold for its conservation. In any supermarket you can find them. You can also use Greek yogurt without sugar.

To multiply the positive effects on your yogurt face mascara you can make mask variations by mixing other great natural superproducts for hair like honey, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or lemon. Using the recipe for the face and yogurt-based hair recipe will make you look much more beautiful. Do not hesitate and start using them.

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