Additionally, these factors make Coca-Cola a poison:

One bottle contains 10 tablespoons of sugar.
It contributes to obesity and diabetes.
Caffeine alters the sleep cycle, generates stress and nervousness.
It produces gas and swelling in the stomach.
Ingredients harmful to the organism

Among other things, Coca Cola is high in phosphoric acid. Mineral that attaches to magnesium, calcium and zinc, in the lower part of the intestine. In addition, it decreases the performance of the metabolism, thus weakening the bones. Coca Cola is made from corn syrup, caffeine, colorant, preservatives, additives and water.

Long-term effects of Coca Cola

Although we talked about the effects of Coca Cola in the short term, it is important to talk about the long-term effect, which occurs because of the additives that add to the drink. Among them the following can be defined:

Cancer. The sweetener is known as the main cause of cancer, especially Coca Cola in its presentations, Zero and Light, which do not carry sugar, contain aspartane and this produces cancer.

Wear on the bones. When phosphorus enters the bones it binds to calcium and this process causes the bones to weaken, especially in their inner layers. The consequence is evident with the decrease in bone density.

Dental problems The fact that it has phosphoric acid implies that it has antioxidant. They could use it to clean pipes or bathrooms. So it wears out the enamel of the teeth, discolors them, and favors the appearance of cavities.

Now, knowing these effects of Coca Cola involves a reflection. However, it is up to each individual to choose whether to continue to consume these soft drinks despite the adverse affects they cause in the human body.

Our health is affected with soft drinks as well as its mixture of sweetener, water and carbon dioxide in its base, and there are many presentations. Excessive consumption of soda also influences the development of muscle mass and weight of the person. If you are one of those who like to drink drinks of this style, do not forget the secondary damages that bring to your health are similar to those of a silent poison.