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Five reasons why you should be skin brushing

I know each year we all start out with good intentions about what we will accomplish, but it seems like it doesn’t take long for those goals to somehow lose their importance. Sometimes it happens because life gets in the way or the goal was too lofty.

My goal for the new year is work on my health. Nice and generic, right? The reason I set it as being more of a broad goal is because I know my body. I know that sometimes I start out doing something I think  I need and it totally is not what I need to be doing.

I decided that for the winter I was going to concentrate on simple things I can do for my body to help let it rest and nourish as needed. I want to support my body and help it to function as best it can. My adrenals are tired and I am ready for them to perk up a bit. Anyone else?

Dry skin brushing was something a friend recommended to me because I was complaining about skin issues. I was a bit skeptical but I decided for the small amount of money it costs (all you need is a natural bristled brush – available on Amazon) and time commitment (just a few minutes a day before your shower or bath) that I would try it.

I was totally surprised that after a few weeks I could see a major difference in some cellulite spots. (Sigh, I can’t believe I said that ‘out loud’) After seeing the improvement, I have been hooked on brushing. It is not a major part of my going to bed routine and I like the effects.

Brushing is also super easy to do. There are a ton of videos online, but I enjoyed this one and I have yielded great results in this method. (All though I really don’t think there is a ‘wrong’ way.)

Skin brushing is something I think EVERYONE can benefit from, if you don’t believe me, just check out the list below. These five reasons are pretty amazing for such a simple thing to add to your daily routine.

Five reasons why you should be skin brushing!

1. Skin brushing moves lymph fluid

The lymph system is one of the most important systems in your body as it is used to help carry debris out of your body. It moves germs and infection out of your system when you are sick. A healthy lymph system aids in a healthy immune system.

Skin brushing helps stimulate the ducts to break up clogs and help the fluid move more easily through your system. Stagnation isn’t good so keeping the lymph fluid flowing aids in helping your body function at healthier levels.

2. Skin brushing helps cleanse the skin

The skin is our largest organ, it not only protects us but it also how we eliminate things we don’t want in our bodies. Our skin also helps absorb things we need. (Which is why natural skin products are a super good idea)

Brushing the skin while dry helps to remove dead skin and tissue to help the skin ‘breathe’, which allows our body to more effectively get rid of toxins. Basically allowing good things in and bad things out.

3. Skin brushing can improve cellulite

Ack! Nobody likes to talk about it and nobody likes to have it, but cellulite is an issue for woman. Skin brushing can help! (I know, I was skeptic about this part too!)

Dry brushing helps break up fat deposits under the skin, there for, helping to distribute it helping to smooth cellulite. I really saw a difference in my upper arm and breast area. (Y’all I’m totally being personal so you know just how much I believe in skin brushing for health!)

4. Skin brushing helps stimulate the liver

In our world today our livers are stressed and overburdened. Their job is to help eliminate toxins, flush hormones and aid in digestion. An easy thing to do to help our livers function better is to brush.

Brushing helps stimulate the lymph system, mentioned above, and in turn that helps to stimulate the liver. It helps keep your body moving all types of fluid needed to work at optimal levels.

5. Skin brushing increases circulation

The action of the brushing increases circulation in the skin. Increased circulations helps to encourage waste elimination. This helps the pores of your skin open up. (This is even where I saw a difference in the pores on my nose, they are quite a bit smaller.)

Dry skin brushing just takes a few minutes out of your day, but is a great and gentle way to detox and stimulate the body. Some times the simplest of steps make a remarkable difference in our health.

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  1. My gums have recced have dentures, if I use the suggested rememdies, is it possible , that I will have some gum back???, Also the information, about skin brushing very informative . Thank you.

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