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This shake deflates your belly, cleans the colon, and eliminates all the fat in a single week

Having an abdomen with fat is not the same as having an inflamed abdomen. A person may suffer from abdominal swelling even if they do not have excess fat in this area of ​​their body. Generally, abdominal inflammation is a result of poor diet, premenstrual syndrome, excess fat caused by eating too fast or swallowing air, excessive stress, lack of fiber or intestinal problems.

You just have to have a blender to make the shake with the papaya and achieve an optimal functioning of the digestive part of your body, especially when you are in those days that are difficult to assimilate.

The papaya shake will purify your belly and your colon and consequently, you will lose weight in 7 days if you drink this smoothie.

The important thing is that this fruit is very easily obtained in any supermarket and is usually marketed at low costs, which helps that your pocket is not affected by buying it.

Just use:

¾ cup of papaya, diced into squares.
⦁ ½ cup almond milk.
⦁ ½ in cup of oats in flakes
⦁ ¼ tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

Preparation: Chop the lime or papaya into pieces and place in the blender with the almond milk, cinnamon and oats until everything is together. Afterwards serve them with ice and consume it very cold. This excellent recipe will serve to cleanse your body and decrease anxiety during the day. You can consume it in your mid-morning snacks, at breakfast or in the evenings.

If you do this, you will see great changes in health and take advantage of leaving foods that are not healthy for you, such as snacks and cookies. It is never too late for your quality of life to turn favorably with new tricks very easy to perform. As always, we hope you enjoyed this article and do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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