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17 DIY All-Natural Beauty Remedies That Really Work

Looking to pare down your beauty cabinet to a collection of all-natural products? Many effective, luxurious and cost-effective beauty remedies can be made at home from common pantry staples like oatmeal, coconut oil, cucumber and apple cider vinegar. Get ready to glow with some of our favorite tried-and-true DIY beauty recipes.

1. Reduce Puffy Eyes Using Things From Your Kitchen

Bringing down those puffy circles, often caused by allergies, stress or a bad night’s sleep, is doable with an age-old cold spoon trick, as well as three other natural remedies.

2. Make a Three-Ingredient Lip Plumper

Soft, luscious lips, what could be more romantic? Now you can attain this look with just a few ingredients, including cinnamon.

3. Mix Up a an Exfoliating Mask

Oatmeal is one of the best ingredients for soothing dry or inflamed skin; it’s no wonder an oatmeal bath is a go-to remedy for poison oak. Try making this mask to gently slough off dead skin and reduce redness.

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