Guava Leaves for Hair Growth: How to Use This Ancient Beauty Remedy

Winter mornings are beautiful; the dewy grass, foggy sky and piping hot masala chai. But as much as I love the season, I dread it for the beauty woes it brings along with it, particularly hair fall. It’s hard to put in words my struggle with hair fall over the years. From undergoing various salon treatments to using expensive hair products claiming to bring respite, I have tried it all. Yet none of them have brought me any luck. And just when I was giving up, I discovered a miraculous natural ingredient that seemed promising to bring back my crowning glory.

Guava leaves, yes, that’s right! Growing in abundance around you, these leaves have the ability to stop hair loss and make it grow back with vigour. Even if you are suffering from minor hair loss at the moment, you must not neglect it. Having to deal with it when it gets severe is not only stressful but expensive as well. So why not opt for a natural remedy that work’s great and is cheap at the same time? Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

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