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6 Signs Your Liver Can’t Stand Your Lifestyle Any Longer

Our liver is one of the detoxifying organs in our body, and it does a lot of hard work every day. No wonder it can get stressed! If your liver can’t convert toxins into safe waste, they “wait” in your fat tissue to be excreted from your body once your liver is functioning normally again.


If your liver is overburdened, it can’t filter blood properly. As a result, toxins can reach your brain. When this happens, you may notice symptoms such as confusion, memory problems, and difficulties making decisions.

Low blood sugar

Your liver is also responsible for maintaining a normal blood sugar level. When your liver is stressed, you may experience a sudden drop in your blood sugar level.

Normally, your liver has to process and produce glucose after you have a meal. But if your liver can’t release stored glucose into the bloodstream, the level of glucose in your blood drops dramatically. As a result, a low blood sugar level causes fatigue, irritation, and an inability to concentrate.

Hormone imbalance

The liver also regulates our sex hormones. A dysfunctional liver may be the reason for an imbalance in estrogen and testosterone levels, which can eventually lead to serious problems such as a reduced libido and worsened PMS symptoms.

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