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How to detect if there are negative energies in your home, using only one glass of water?

If you feel there are bad energies in your house because strange things happen, such as, for example, that there are many fights between family members, animals and plants get sick or die, you might even see strange shadows, or get to feel bad in any room of your home, because with this simple recipe you can find out if you really have negative energy in your home and thus eliminate those energies with this simple recipe.

How to detect negative energies with a glass of water.

First of all, it is important that you analyze what is happening in your home. Many times it is not energies that attract problems. If you think you can not find the real root of the problems, then try the following trick and detect the bad vibes. Get a crystal glass completely transparent. It must not have drawings, color, or carvings. Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to use it again. If you have the possibility, acquire a glass with these characteristics which you will only use for these purposes.

Cover 1/3 of the container with sea salt. Fill up to 2/3 of the container with white vinegar or organic apple cider. Cover the remaining third with pure water. Take the glass to a room in the house where you think the bad vibes are more powerful. It can be a place where you receive visits, where all the members of the house come together, etc. Place it in a hidden corner and let it rest there for 24 hours. It is important that nobody move the glass of place in that time.

The next day he observes the state of the glass. If it is the same as how you left it, then the bad vibes would not be in that room. Move the glass to another room and repeat the procedure. If you notice that the glass is gasified, has colored spots or is dyed green, then you will need to do an energetic cleaning. Any strange thing that happens to the recipient, may be due to energy problems. In this case, throw the contents of the glass into the toilet and let the water flow. Wash the container very well, add the ingredients again and repeat the procedure in the same room for 24 hours. Do it as many times as necessary.

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